Becky G Performs Shower, Gets Teary on Spreecast!

It’s a proven fact. Rapper-songwriter Becky G has incredible fans.

The 17-year-old singer hopped on Spreecast yesterday to chat with her Beasters and update everyone on her upcoming performance at the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards. Host Nicole Dabeau from Extra TV was even brought to tears by the amount of love and support.

In case you missed the live event, here’ are our Top 5 Favorite Moments from the fan chat:

Becky G describes where she finds inspiration to write music.

Becky G reveals her current celebrity crush(es) and who she chose for her #ManCrushMonday on her Instagram.

Fans from Germany join Becky G on camera and bring both the singer and Extra TV host Nicole Dabeau to tears! #Beasters

Becky G reveals who she would love to collaborate with next!

Becky G performs “Shower” at the request of her fans!

What were your favorite moments from the live chat, Beasters?

Chat LIVE with Becky G #Beasters!

Becky G has come a long way since her debut on YouTube performing remixes of popular songs back in 2011. The Mexican-American rapper, songwriter and dancer has written a song for Cher Lloyd, performed with artists including Ke$ha and Cody Simpson, and has released her own debut album, "Becky from the Block."

Becky G is slated to perform alongside Epic Records’ and “The X Factor” alums Fifth Harmony and Hollywood Records’ R5 at the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards this weekend.

The recording artists will be joining Extra TV for a live fan chat and Q&A on Spreecast today at 11:30am PDT/2:30pm EDT. Bring your questions and join us here!


TIP: Click on the blue camera icon below the video feed if you want to ask your question on camera, LIVE!

Here are some Becky G-jams to get you pumped in the meantime!

Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal Talks Cast, Storyline and More!

Pedro Pascal, aka Prince Oberyn Martell hopped on Spreecast with VH1 to discuss all things Game of Thrones and answer a series of intense but fun questions from the fans.

Here are 5 Awesome Clips from the live event!

Why is Oberyn Martell such a Fan Favorite?

Pedro Pascal reveals why he thinks Prince Oberyn Martell is such an adored character.

Pedro Pascal on His Game of Thrones BFF.

Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal identifies who his favorite cast member is!

Pedro Pascal on His Favorite Game of Thrones Character.

Pedro identifies which Game of Thrones character(s) he is rooting for and who he thinks will prevail.

Who Would Pedro Pascal Like to Play on GoT?

Pedro reveals which Game of Thrones character he would play if he had the choice.

Speed Round of GoT Questions with Pedro Pascal!

Stark or Lannister? Dire Wolves or Dragons? Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal answers a series of rapid fire questions.

Did we miss one? What was your favorite moment during the live chat?

Invasion of the Spreecats on Spreecast! #TBT


Early morning on the first of April, Spreecast was invaded by a swarm of carpet-clawing, curiously cuddly, clever and cunning CATS! While there are no reports of any injuries, the community is being warned to take precautions as these felines can be persuasive and extremely adorable.


That was the masterful prank we released last year on April Fool’s Day, which involved a swarm of cats with various personalities making surprise guest appearances during a live Spreecast.

We surprised our friends at Extra TV with a kitty bomb and the reaction was priceless!!


This year, Team Spreecast plotted to invade our CEO’s workspace with an elaborate prank. Get the full scoop here.

Happy Throwback Thursday, y’all!

Kendall Schmidt Talks New Single, Big Time Rush and More!

Kendall Schmidt is best known for his role as Kendall Knight in Big Time Rush but the actor is spreading his wings into the music industry!


The 23-year-old singer-songwriter hopped on Spreecast to discuss his new single, Parellel, a day before the official release and to chat LIVE with fans.

Here are 7 Awesome Moments from the live Q&A!


The Huge Success of Big Time Rush.

Kendall Schmidt admits he is still so amazed by the success of the hit Nickelodeon TV series and his experiences following it. #BTR


Biggest Accomplishment So Far.

Kendall Schmidt answers a fan question about what his biggest accomplishment has been so far with BTR and Heffron Drive, including winning several Kids Choice Awards, singing for the President and much more!


What the Big Time Rush Experience Has Been Like.

Kendall describes what the entire experience has been on BIg Time Rush, from the audition process to the relationships he’s developed along the way.


Kendall Schmidt on the Progression to Going Solo.

Kendall describes the push that inspired him to launch his solo career and shares his hopes not only for himself but for Big Time Rush.


Heffron Drive Tour and Much More!

Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush discusses his hopes for touring with Heffron Drive, possibly opening for someone, and the craziest thing that has ever happened while traveling the world.


Advice for Those Trying to Start a Band.

Kendall Schmidt offers advice to those who are trying to start a band.


Goals for Heffron Drive in 2014.

Kendall Schmidt reveals what goals he wants to accomplish this year with Heffron Drive, including music videos and putting out an album!

Did we miss a moment? Tell us what your favorite part was!

Wendy Williams Talks #CelebritiesUndercover and Much More!

The lovely Wendy Williams joined Oxygen Media on Spreecast today to discuss her newest project as the Executive Producer of the new hidden camera reality show “Celebrities Undercover,” her career, social media and much more.

Here are our Top 5 Favorite Moments from the live chat:


Wendy Williams on Taking On #CelebritiesUndercover.

Talk show host Wendy Williams discusses attracted her to be the executive producer of the new hidden camera reality show “Celebrities Undercover!”


Wendy Williams on Social Media: “Gift and a Curse”

Wendy Williams, the Executive Producer of #CelebritiesUndercover, discusses the power of social media from both ends of the spectrum-good and bad.


Wendy Williams on Bringing Celebrities She Has Talked About.

Wendy Williams, executive producer of “Celebrities Undercover,” addresses bringing on celebrities who she has talked about in the past, including Kim Kardashian and Lil’ Kim.


Wendy Williams on Playing JoAnn |#CelebritiesUndercover.

Wendy Williams dishes on all the detailed preparation that was needed to play her undercover character, JoAnn, on “Celebrities Undercover.”


Wendy Williams on Being Different and More!

Talk show host Wendy Williams recounts when she realized she was different from other girls, shows off some bling, and reassures fans that she does “pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing!”

You can catch the entire interview right here.

What were your favorite moments?

Alexander Ludwig Talks Vikings, Hunger Games and More!

You may remember Alexander Ludwig as Cato from The Hunger Games or know him in his latest role as Bjorn, the first-born son of Ragnar and Lagertha on History Channel’s “Vikings.”

The talented 21-year-old actor, singer and model joined VH1 for a LIVE fan chat today to discuss his character on Vikings, Hunger Games and much more.

Here are our Top 5 Favorite Clips from the event!


How Bjorn Has Changed on Vikings

Alexander Ludwig describes how his character Bjorn has changed since the last time viewers saw him 4 years ago.


The Key to a Great Fight Scene

Alexander identifies the key elements that make a compelling fight scene.


Alexander Ludwig Reveals Some Behind-the-Scenes Pranks

The Vikings star details a few behind-the-scenes pranks that he has participated in including a secret scene!


How Has Life Changed Since The Hunger Games?

Alexander Ludwig describes how his life has changed since The Hunger Games and thanks all his fans for their support.


Alexander Ludwig Demos His Norwegian Accent

Alexander responds to a fan request to speak with a Norwegian accent!

Catch the full interview anytime here!

Friday Jams Inspired by One Direction!

Friday Jams inspired by One Direction!

TGIF, everyone!

ASK:REPLY - One Direction on Spreecast from Spreecast on Vimeo.

Can’t get enough One Direction?

We’re throwing back with a Spreecast from the past for those who are feeling a little nostalgic today.

Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson hopped on Spreecast for a lively, interactive fan chat on Friday, March 16, 2012. (Presented by VEVO)

Re-live the excitement with the pop sensation as they reveal their favorite foods, what they like about America and more!

Happy Throwback Thursday! #tbt

Here’s Why the Dirty Heads Have the Coolest Fans

One thing we learned about The Dirty Heads last night on Spreecast is that they have some incredibly talented, passionate and LIVELY fans!

The reggae band from Huntington Beach, California hopped on Spreecast to interact with fans and answer questions.

From the “Dude Toke” to smokey entrances to a surprise family reunion, here are 5 outrageously fun moments from the live chat:


A Live Fan Ukulele Cover of “Sloth’s Revenge”

A fan comes on camera during The Dirty Heads fan chat and plays them a ukulele cover of “Sloth Revenge.”


The Dirty Heads introduce the “Dude Toke”

When a fan asks about their preferred method of smoking, The Dirty Heads offer a creative, and slightly disturbing, answer and talk about its role in their creative process.


The Dirty Heads Have a Mini Family Reunion

The Dirty Heads drummer Matt Ochoa gets a surprise when his dad and grandma join on camera from Florida.


A Dirty Heads Fan Makes a Smoky Entrance

A fan of The Dirty Heads makes a smoky entrance before showing his support for the band.


Another Fan Makes a Grand Entrance!

A Dirty Heads fan makes a grand entrance on camera before asking a unique question.

Catch the entire fan chat on Spreecast here.


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